It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the launch of  Firstly, a little bit about myself, my name is Sam and I am expert in excel and have had years of experience completing freelance Excel projects.  Recently I was involved in a much larger project where I communicated and managed a team of freelance excel experts.  After a large amount of discussion we decided to market our niche skills and launch BE.

The target audience of BE is everyone and anyone that uses Microsoft Excel or could use Microsoft Excel.  It is that simple.  We are sure could improve or automate just about any spreadsheet that is put in front of us.  Excel is such a vast tool and 99% of it’s users probably only utilise 1% of the program,  that is where we come in.  In order to personally learn and make use of the wealth of knowledge that our team of Excel consultants have, would take years  if not decades.  Therefore we provide an outsourcing solution to free up your time or the time of your employees to focus on reaching your business goals.

In order to get an idea of scaExcel Consultantsle, we have completed projects that range from one hour to 3 months of intensive graft.  We have built customised professional invoices for a sole trader and the following week commenced  a project which analyises 50,000 lines of text data and automatically converts it into usable reports making use of macro coding, pivot tables and a large number of advanced formulas.

Our eventual goal is not just to provide project work but also Excel support on a month by month contract.  Where by, if your having a issue with excel you can get on our live chat function and request assistance.   Also, our expert knowledge does not stop at Excel.  We appreciate that Excel can be used in conjunction with presentations (PowerPoint), databases (Access) and many more programs.  Currently we can provide experts in all these fields all you need to do is Request a Quote.

Finally, make sure you look out for our free Tips and Tricks.  During projects we often come across recurring issues that you could amend yourself if given the right teaching.  Each time we come across one of these we will either write a blog post about it and how to rectify or create a short YouTube video explaining a way around the problem.  If you would like updates as and when a new Tip or Trick is added please do Subscribe on right.

If you have any recurring problem you can’t overcome, why not suggest a new blog post to us by emailing or alternatively leave a comment below.