Our Pioneering Process

No two projects are ever the same in Excel, but this page should give you a good overview of our approach and how we converge with clients looking to innovate, to get the most out of what is traditionally a risk filled programme.

Collaboration is something we really believe in at Bespoke - after all, we provide bespoke solutions, not one-size-fits all advice, so getting to know you is vital. We may be the Excel experts, but you’re the expert in your industry, and you know your organisation better than anyone.

The key to a successful project is a solid understanding of the requirements, challenges and difficulties you’re dealing with in your workbook. Whilst we’ll be driving the project from a technical point of view, some fact-finding and discussion really helps us provide the most effective solution. Ultimately, we’re here to save you time.

Our priority is to deliver excellence to all our clients. By using PRINCE2 project management methodologies, we ensure smooth workflow, attention to detail and excellent deadline management.

1. Enquiry

The foundation for a successful project is the initial consultation - this gives us the opportunity to understand your requirements and the bigger business picture. By doing this, we ensure that we get off to a good start, and know exactly what the project is intended to deliver.

2. Proposal

After our initial discussion and consultation, we would put together a proposal, which outlines roughly what the project would entail, as well as our estimates with regards to costs etc.

3. Functional specification

Once we have sent across our initial quote, we would then get to work pulling together a detailed functional specification, which would outlines exactly what is to be carried out throughout the project.

4. Final quotation

A final quote is sent once the functional specification is discussed, and any questions or queries are addressed. The final quote represents the true cost of the project overall, and would take into consideration all the reviewed elements within the functional specification.

5. Project coding and development

This is when we get to work on your project, pulling together and completing all agreed upon actions. This would follow the functional specification, and would address all what the document has detailed.

6. Testing process

Once our development phase is complete, we then ensure that everything has been completed to a high enough specification by carrying out rigorous testing, making sure that there are no hidden issues or errors.

Our unique approach to testing ensures that all of our head developers have the chance to have their input; ensuring that only the most pioneering approach is taken, to achieve premium efficiency and continue to increase the possibilities for future projects and support.

7. Delivery

The project is given the go-ahead once all testing has been completed. We would then deliver the work across, as well as with any necessary documentation or support required.