Project Description

European Size List Distribution

The Challenge

Adidas came to us looking for a solution to an outdated product distribution system, which was having a noticeable impact on overall workbook accuracy, as well as efficiency due to sheer size.

A solution was needed that would better manage product distribution across various European locations, which also had to include the capacity to handle multiple variables such as product sizes, styles etc.

The extent of the challenge was across multiple locations, and this was impacting worker efficiency, taking up valuable time and resource. This led to an increase of incurred overall costs, as well as increased admin time to deal with the ongoing situation.

Along with a forced manual processes, tracking changes was proving to be a challenge, thus certain statistics such as distribution etc. were more difficult to analyze and report on.

The Solution

Once understanding the scope of the challenge at hand, the Bespoke team discussed and reviewed the most effective course of action, which was to rebuild the Adidas European size distribution system. This would use VBA to optimize outdated workbooks, thus having a noticeable impact on the current spreadsheet setup.

One of the main challenges being faced was using multiple workbooks to make business decisions, and thus was impacting actions overall. The decision to consolidate all the different workbooks into a single streamlined solution meant that efficiency was greatly improved, as well as time being saved.

With size taken care of, our focus was to optimize the analysis process by creating automated graphs and charts to transform the available data, making it easier to analyze and understand.

Along with this, Adidas would now have the option to compare data through the click of a button in the navigation bar. This brought new limits to Adidas’ data analysis, as previously, comparing data was done through a manual approach, which took time and resources to get right.

Creating a brand focused solution was a priority for us in this project, which led to the Bespoke team going down the route of having a clean and simple user interface, which kept the various options and tabs cleverly hidden and accessible with a single click.

The Results

Since implementing the optimized tool, Adidas have seen staggering outcomes resulting from our strong relationship; including;

  • Massively improved overall efficiency and time savings related to workbook management, thus increasing time actually benefiting from available data, rather than admin.

  • Reduced the size of the workbooks by almost 70%, thus improving communication across the board. Multiple European locations had greater synergy, as well as worked off accurate reports that were consistent across the board.

  • All errors were eliminated, with tailored error handling allowing users to see when invalid items were selected. This greatly cut down on wastage and incorrectly dispatched products.
The team at Bespoke Excel were amazing in providing us with a solution for our business that worked locally and across Europe. The result was a format which is still being used today, I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.
Mairi Scholes, Director Marketing Operations, Adidas Group

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