An un-named UK Government military contractor has recently discovered that their systems had been compromised. Although breaches are common, this bares a different level of problems, with UK military technology information having been taken, and the breach in fact lasting for more than a year, from May 2016 to late 2017.

The hack is linked to China-linked cyber espionage group APT15, which researchers said is exploiting many new tools to carry out its attacks. This is a worry for the contractor, with hackers now constantly finding new ways of extracting vital data without even being noticed.

Considering that 66% of consumers surveyed said they wouldn’t do business with a company that had sensitive information exposed; the un-named victim could have some making up to do if they want to maintain what is guaranteed to be a pricey relationship with the UK Government.

This goes to support the growing need for businesses of all sizes and industries to make their data undigestible for unwelcome users through options for encryption; further securing your data beyond password protected dashboards. This would mean that to the right people, data will make complete sense, but when accessed by unwanted eyes, it will be completely unreadable, even to today’s advanced hackers.

Overall, this just goes to show that in today’s advancing world focused on insights and data, you can never be too prepared when it comes to data security. Whether you handle B2C or B2B data; ensuring every digit in your database is disguised is the only visible way of boosting your chances of coming out of a data breach unscathed.