Bespoke Excel based business solutions

Professional Excel solutions with a fully bespoke approach

  • Maximising productivity and efficiency

    We believe that no matter the scope of the project at hand, there is always more room for optimisation and efficiency improvements.

  • Cutting down workbook sizes

    The size of workbooks play a large factor in operations and efficiency. We ensure that all our deliverables are as optimised and condensed as possible to reduce load times and lags.

  • Custom spreadsheet automation

    Automation not only saves valuable employee time, but also leaves additional room for growth and expansion due to freed up resources.

  • Bespoke financial models & templates

    Our professional business strategists love putting together custom models and Excel based templates. By understanding the project fully, we’re able to tailor our approach and solution on a case by case basis.

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Specialist Excel consultancy

Excel software itself presents companies with multiple functionalities and usages than can play a vital role in overall efficiencies and automations that can maximise productivity.

Previously, we have cut workbook sizes by 97%; which exceeded our client’s expectations. We endeavour to understand as much as possible about the scope and size of all our projects, as well as having a free consultation to discuss in more detail. This ensures that are on the same page with all of our clients, as well as setting realistic goals in terms of overall project deliverables and timescales.

By having the right caliber of people working on all our projects, as well as a dedicated team of project managers and business analysts, we ensure a consistently professional and tailored approach. We understand that each project is different and unique, and by tailoring our approach to suit your requirements we tend to have a smoother overall project delivery.

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