When you have a quality solution to your operational efficiency problems, there is nothing as frustrating as unauthorised personnel making changes which can lead to massive errors.

Although this is a massive risk in Excel, we see too many companies lack in their user permission control, simply down to them not realising the true potential of their tailored solution. When it comes to improving this, we tackle several aspects such as passwords, log ins and user accessibility to ensure that your workbooks stay in-tacked throughout every vital stage of your business journey.

When you have secure control over your data, you can save time on worrying about untrained personnel damaging your premium Excel investment and maximise the time you spend on making a true impact to your company’s future.

User permission was one of our clients’ biggest woes when they came to us, and with our banks of Excel knowledge, this is no longer the case, with their workbooks being safer than ever with passwords and log ins eliminating the chance of untrained hands getting onto your valuable project running tool. It means managers can rely on data in excel without spending hours checking for errors giving more time to understand the important numbers in more detail.