Like any other industry, property clients need to set their own specific goals and assess their progress along the way to see if they are on track. Since this is such a basic task to do, we were surprised when we noticed the amount of companies who comes to us with the problem of working with an untrustworthy portfolio.

Making vital business decisions based upon untrustworthy workbooks is not only a risk, but it is potentially business ending. This is partly the reason why we are so passionate about what we do, as no matter the industry; Excel has lethal potential when used wrong.

When we first came into the property portfolio portion of Excel, we set out to find a brand specific solution for each of our future clients; consisting of a range of tailored formulas which allow you to look back on your progress with no confusion and minimal effort, meaning that you can keep progressing as you look at your path to your current position.

Our lightweight portfolio solutions have been fully taken advantage of by our clients and we couldn’t be happier, as we can see our hard work pay off as you continue to grow into a pioneering powerhouse.