We live and work in the age of big data, where effectively using data to uncover insights about business operations, finances and customer behaviour has never been more important.

For any modern business, this information is essential for optimising productivity and removing any potential barriers to growth. Maintaining a comprehensive and organised data structure is the first step. But from our experience, we know the most important thing is how a company can transform this data into useful, insightful information to inform business decisions.

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Common Challenges with data management reporting in Excel

As the world’s leading spreadsheet and workbook program, Microsoft Excel been providing businesses with a quality data management solution for nearly 30 years. The program has evolved greatly in that time and continues to keep pace with the changing needs of the organisations it serves. The Excel of today is quicker, more intuitive and offers multiple reporting tools for users to convert and visualise their data in a wide variety of ways.

Throughout the past decade we have spoken to hundreds of businesses that have been struggling to get the most out of their Excel reporting tools. All too often, we find that these organisations are having to deal with the fallout from unkempt databases that are oversized and poorly managed. This naturally leads to inaccurate reporting, whereby the insights generated from the data are by no means a sound foundation for companies looking to inform their key decisions.

Another major inefficiency is organisational reliance on manual processes. Let’s say that an IT manager spends two days producing a high quality monthly report that can be shared and distributed to key stakeholders throughout the organisation. While this report provides a great level of detail into the performance of the company, without effective automation in place the manager will likely have to repeat the same laborious process the next month, and the month after that.

Data Management Reporting – Getting it right

We provide a range of solutions tailored to the exact needs of any business looking to optimise their approach to Excel reporting. It could be a one-time solution for a specific reporting problem, a niche issue, or a longer term investment that covers the optimisation and automation of integral reporting processes and dashboards.

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