Funding models are about more than simply doing the minimum to get funding. When you have a poor funding model, unprofessionalism and risk of error go through the roof.

A lot of companies throw together their own funding model down to lack of funds and resources to make a quality one. This is where we see a lot of start-up companies fall down, as they think that they can do the hard work of creating a flawless funding model themselves, leading to multiple series of error and an unprofessional brand image being displayed.

It is well know within the business world that first impressions matter, and your funding model is the first impression, meaning that if it is un-tidy, packed and slow, your company will look the same.

Since the digital side of marketing has become more relevant in the overall success of companies, we have had a significant rise in the number of people who noticed this and have come to us as fast as they could to eliminate the worry of hidden errors and a contradicted brand image.

The results have been second to none, with our new clients expressing their enthusiasm to get on the next step of their journey now that their obstacles have been defeated by a bespoke funding model.