Word Document Automation

Having your bespoke solution can open up a world of opportunities when it comes to making a difference with minimal effort. One of the most powerful aspects of Excel is its ability to run custom code called VBA which can often be written to run at the click of a button.

We can help free up your time by writing bespoke VBA code to do those tasks you do repetitively and when you have finally been freed from the burden of complicated spreadsheets, and the big tasks are less daunting, it can sometimes be useful to take you’re your data the extra length, with a clean Word document displaying your data and conclusions. VBA can make these extra documents for you too!

It is shocking how many companies do not realise the potential of Excel when used correctly. Many go on to organise their data into Word documents themselves, naturally leading to errors which could come to embarrass you when professionalism means the most.

We have experience with a vast range of businesses; such as Calrec, who have come to Bespoke looking for this sharp idea, and we have never failed to bring them the most niche spreadsheet possible, answering their specific needs down to perfection.

Handling data personally, more times than not, leads to either errors, or a tremendous amount of precious time wasted on a job which could take a matter of seconds.

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