Interface Design

When choosing an operational efficiency professional investment, a lot of companies simply take into consideration the efficiency and price of the job at hand; naturally opting to go with the cheapest and quickest solution.

Although this may seem like the best solution, it could not be any different.

This can not only lead to a poorly coded solution, but 9/10 times, it leads to some of the most error-filled, ancient user interfaces we have ever seen. Interface design may sound like a small thing to moan about, but having an outdated and boring design can seriously hamper a project of any size.

Boring interfaces are not just unprofessional, but it also makes for a poor user experience, which ultimately leads to rushed work and un-noticed errors. Just take Fidelity’s “Minus Sign Mistake”, which cost them a hefty $2.6m.

Whereas, we opt from the start to make your solution as bespoke as possible; tailoring the aesthetics to fit your brand and making the user experience as simple as possible to minimise any chance of error.

Although user interface may seem like a simple fix, you would be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in terms of both the efficiency and accuracy of companies of all scales.

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