Email Integration

When you have spent the time and money on collecting data, you need to be able to communicate your findings with clients and colleagues with ease, and make informative decisions as efficiently as possible, allowing you to help your business to exceed current standards.

When companies communicate their data correctly, they are missing out on a massive opportunity to separate themselves from the competition.

A staggering amount of businesses simply turn to the manual option when it comes to E-Mailing spreadsheets, and this naturally leads to risk of error; and why have the risk when the solution is as simple as coming to us.

E-mailing data can be a time consuming task to say the least, but with quality use of VBA, it is possible to tame Excel and make it do the work for you.  This will not only make the task more efficient, but it also makes for accurate communication of data that will astonish your colleagues.

E-Mail Integration in Excel requires two simple things, an Outlook E-Mail account, and an experienced Excel consultant; both of which will be essential when making a difference to your company through VBA.

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