Out of the box, Microsoft Excel is an incredibly versatile program with the potential to transform the operations and performance of any business when optimised in the right way. But businesses want more.

Custom Excel tools means businesses can be further optimised in terms of time management and productivity. With the possibilities of Excel personalisation constantly growing, tools and apps are becoming an essential way for businesses looking to take their data further.

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Our Approach to Excel Tools

We’ve worked with business owners and managers who rely on Excel for all manner of things, but lack the time or resources to get the most out of it. With our help, we’ve enabled them to identify and act on opportunities to create custom-built tools to boost performance and develop the way they work.

By tailoring the program to suit their own needs, companies can automate repetitive processes, integrate Excel with other Microsoft Office programs or third-party software, and reduce the risk of human error. Ultimately, this saves businesses time and money, and enables them to allocate resources more efficiently.

When it comes to business success, efficiency and accuracy makes all the difference to things like performance, reporting and reputation. So much so, effective data management is no longer a luxury. It’s a must for any business intent on building stronger, more robust systems that are able to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Pinpointing the Perfect Tool

Since every business we work with is different, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to optimise Excel for any given organisation. It’s about first understanding the full range of challenges facing a business, then using these insights to design tools to address them in the best way possible.

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Case Studies

Egencia’s Sales Prospecting Tool2019-03-13T20:30:30+01:00
Watts Group’s Tailored Data Amalgamation Tool2019-03-13T20:48:14+01:00

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