Excel Custom Tools & Apps

Our Excel tools and apps give you the power of increased integration and automation across the whole Microsoft Office product suite, as well as third-party or custom software, to reduce errors, save time, and open up new possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to do more with your existing spreadsheets or want to offer a new service to your own clients using Excel, we can help. We have created a multitude of custom tools, developed existing tools, and produced many white labelled tools for clients that offer their own expertise through a spreadsheet format.

If you have a good idea for a spreadsheet tool or add-in, but don’t have the programming skills, that shouldn’t be an obstacle - you retain full intellectual property rights for the idea if we develop the product.

We can also provide ongoing support for any tools we develop if required.

Our Process

  • 1 Enquiry

  • 2 Initial quotation

  • 3 Functional specification

  • 4 Final quotation

  • 5 Project coding and development

  • 6 Testing process

  • 7 Delivery

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