Size Optimisation

Size optimisation is essential when working efficiently within Excel, and when not taken into consideration, it could seriously hamper your chances of rapid progression.

Outdated, over-sized workbooks can hamper any company at the most important times. When working with an oversized workbook, problems are almost inevitable, with efficiency and accuracy at high risk of hitting rock bottom.

Large workbooks can become a mammoth task when it comes to organising or even just sharing data, and this can have scarily negative effects on not just your efficiency, but your well worked brand image when it comes to dealing with clients. Imagine missing that important deadline because the emailed workbook was too large to send! Although, this can be easily avoided.

Having to send an unorganised, outdated workbook to a respected client can be embarrassing to say the least; radiating unprofessionalism from the word go, with your poor analysis solution taking too much of your client’s valuable time.

Damaging business rapport and well worked brand imaging is too common when it comes to oversized or outdated workbooks. This is the reason we specialise in bringing companies of all niches a tailored solution, which pairs streamlined data, and a second to none user experience to put our clients at the top of their industry and back on the road to unbreakable business relationships and successful ventures.

Being ahead of industry trends on both our end and yours allows us to do some forecasting for ourselves; finding the option that is the most suited to your specific needs and goals, through looking at not just the present situation, but the future; eliminating any possible future problems.

Working with an Excel consultant will allow you to stay up to date with the latest developments, maintain a streamlined workbook and keep that professional image without having to spend time keeping up to date yourself as we do all the work for you. So you can work on your next industry leading development.

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