Excel for Mac

When it comes to Excel, there are problems around every corner if you go about it the wrong way. One problem which some companies do not anticipate is compatibility.

One big factor when doing anything in Excel is what platform you will be working on. This can affect your project massively if you do not anticipate it well enough. A lot of companies assume that all versions of Excel workbooks are the same, when , even accessing the exact same workbook on Mac can bring a whole world of problems.

Before we even begin projects, we focus on sitting down with our clients to discuss every last detail to ensure no nasty surprises occur when you get your final product. We have seen too often in the past; companies being confused when they get their PC optimised workbook and see errors when using it on Mac, and this is down to coding.

We respect that coding is something that a lot of people want to stay away from, being partly the reason we do what we do. Confirming whether you would like a Mac optimised workbook allows us to nip this problem in the bud and bring you the best option for Mac possible, through strenuous testing on the respected platform.

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