Data Visualisation

Does your mind boggle when you look at pages of numbers or graphs that don’t make sense? Almost everyone finds when working on the most tedious tasks, a bad user interface makes everything much worse!

A poor aesthetic with your workbooks can not only bore you when it comes to gathering vital data from your spreadsheets, it can lead to mistakes down to having no other option but to scour through the reams of semi-meaningful numbers, and this costs time and potentially expensive mistakes.

Many businesses stumble at this particular point, as they are not aware that they are able to visualise their data into graphs, reports, dashboards; the options are virtually endless.

It is not unusual to see companies simply employing more people to make up for the time already wasted from their poorly visualised workbooks; so for Excel experts such as ourselves, this can be frustrating, as all it takes to tackle this problem is the right guidance and a workbook that suits your needs with a bespoke solution. This can save your business thousands in costs by requiring fewer staff and processes.

Being able to show your data as easy to digest visuals, generated with the push of a button makes a world of difference when it comes to saving time, money and most importantly keeping you ahead of the competition. Decision making and understanding your business becomes easy.

When it’s as easy as this, there’s no point in risking millions for the sake of gaining a reliable relationship with Excel.

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