Data Input/Validation

Data input and validation is one of the most important jobs in any data role, as if there is no way to check for error, then your workbook could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Validating data consists of checking and automating ways to check whether you have an error within the data in your workbook. Without validating data, you have no sure way of checking if there has been an incorrect input in your workbook.

Being able to validate your data with the literal click of a button has more of an impact on your efficiency that you might think. When it comes to validation, we are able to set certain aspects such as error messages to ensure that we are not working with incorrect data which may lead to your results being misleading. Error messages pop up as soon as incorrect data is put into a cell; leaving there no room for error.

A surprising amount of clients are aware of the dangers of poor or no validation, yet they do nothing about it. They come to us six months to a year down the line, with seas of manually input data which they are surprised has an un-findable error in it.

Whereas, when a client’s first step is to make contact with us, the story is quite different, with their data being automatically imported and tailored error messages being set, there is really no room for error.

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