Data Consolidation

Through our years of experience as a business and with Excel, we have gathered that one source of data is simply not enough to impress your managers and clients when analysing data; leading to the need for tool which consolidates data from all platforms with an efficient approach.

Having multiple data sources to rely on will not only make your data more reliable, but it can also have a great effect on your company’s brand image; portraying yourselves as beyond professional with your clearly premium data sources and visualisation.

Although, when it comes to putting a colleague on the job; even with moderate Excel experience, it could take them hours and could still lead to errors.

In the past, we have helped clients such as Savills and Interface consolidate their historical data from all parts of their system; creating the most efficient solution possible, which had an immediate visible impact on decreasing time spent on such a tedious and boring job.

Although Excel makes all of this easily possible with good knowledge, data consolidation goes hand in hand with large file sizes, which are renowned for hampering company’s ability to communicate with ease.

Sending large files can be tedious to say the least, with files taking astonishingly long to make it across to your valued client, which then also has an effect on the way your business relationships flow.

Although some Excel professionals may settle to bring their client an average data consolidation solution, we do not. We understand that communication and user experience can have a massive impact when used to their full advantage; leading to us putting in the hours of boring work to bring you an efficient solution which definitely does not lack in trend setting aesthetics and technology.

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