Data Analysis in Excel

Clear KPIs are great, but getting an accurate, real-time view of performance isn’t always easy. If you want to pull out key information and insights in Excel without the headaches, it might be time for some professional support.

We’ve been providing organisations big and small with Excel data analysis consultancy for many years. Our experience working with a wide variety of datasets across a range of industries means you can trust us to understand what you need from your spreadsheets, and we use the most advanced Excel features and techniques to provide you with the business insights you need.

When you’re confident your data is up-to-date and accurate, you make better, more informed business decisions. We specialise in building relevant, easy-to-use reports, putting must-have data at your fingertips and giving management the tools for quick, actionable performance reviews. Whether you want us to work remotely or on-site, whether it’s a one-off project or you’re looking to improve your data analysis processes more widely, we can build a solution that works for you.

Our Process

  • 1 Enquiry

  • 2 Initial quotation

  • 3 Functional specification

  • 4 Final quotation

  • 5 Project coding and development

  • 6 Testing process

  • 7 Delivery

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