Spreadsheet Auditing

Scanning through your spreadsheets to identify errors is essential, but when done wrong, it can create even bigger time consuming tasks that could even cost you millions in profit.

Although, this can be easily avoided with a quality tailored auditing tool.

We understand that you do not want to sit down and spend valuable time on auditing, and so do auditing tools, but these tools are not always 100% accurate, as your business is individual, meaning only a tailored auditing tool will bring premium results from your reams of confusing data.

It is well known that productivity and attention to detail falls when a task becomes tedious or boring, so why risk the costly mistakes when you can have a tailored auditing tool which eliminates mistakes for you?

The problem with auditing mainly lies with companies being worried that there may be one of these costly errors within their spreadsheet, but they do not know how to fix it, or even find it. This is where an auditing system steps in, as it allows you to see if there is an error; where the error lies and whether your workbook is efficient. All factors which can help you excel in your industry.

One of the hardest tasks is identifying where sources of error can occur and this is where a bespoke solution is best. We can help you identify where user error is likely to make mistakes and analyse how best to protect your valuable data. This might include data validation, results check or visual indicators.

Working with us to audit your workbooks will ensure that your data is looked after, and audited in the most efficient and accurate way possible; stopping errors from taking their toll on business, allowing you to fill your schedule with the more effective tasks at hand, and take your business forward as quickly as possible.

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