Planning costs is definitely one of the higher risk tasks when it comes to project management; if there is an error, it could cost you thousands.

Some businesses fall down when attempting cost planning, as gathering numbers from months of data and forecasts can be confusing to say the least, and it is well known throughout the professional world that boring tasks lead to a lack of attention, and this leads to project crumbling errors.

Turning to an Excel professional is the simplest, yet surprisingly the least popular option from businesses down to ignorance with Excel.

Companies are convinced that shoving funds into the IT department to solve their Excel woes is the best option, when in reality, it will more times than not lead to a short term solution that in the end may cost just as much, if not more than a premium tailored solution.

ITG is one of many clients who have come to us with problems with controlling costs and savings. We took it upon ourselves to bring them a solution, which allowed them to swiftly and easily analyse their data through generated price curves, allowing them to make educated decisions that best effected the company.

Their cost planning tool has since proved pivotal in their progression in their industry; allowing them to control buying prices and generate new prices based on their bank of historic data with minimum fuss.

Companies going solo is something we see too often at Bespoke, and with a diverse team like ours, it is something that is frustrating for us, as simply putting faith into a trusted Excel consultant will give you a long term, accurate solution, which if anything, could make you millions.