It is no surprise that data is becoming a dominant force within business, whether it be with a small corner store, or a huge tech conglomerate like Apple. Retail is now beginning to feel the force of e-commerce and data-driven business, as House of Fraser recently discovered; leading to an investment in data management across retail.

Nike have now taken the opportunities of data analysis to new levels for retailers globally, with their recently opened new store front in LA. The project dubbed as, ‘Nike by Melrose’ is the first store of it’s kind to harness the data of brand consumers; allowing them to get an unprecedented shopping experience.

Nike’s mobile app, ‘Nike +’ has opened opportunity for Nike gather’ consumer data, and use it to bring the people of LA the products they are searching for, talking about and purchasing; all done in an attempt to combat the rough transition towards an e-commerce dominant industry.

Heidi O’Neill, President of Nike Direct said, “As well as being the first Nike Live destination, we will also test services that can then roll out to other Nike stores, combining digital features with a unique physical environment to create the future of Nike retail.” This suggests that Nike have big plans if their Melrose innovation is a success.

The store offers a fresh face to traditional retail, with consumers being able to tailor their experiences with Nike not only online, but now also in a physical form with the ‘Nike Direct’ concept; allowing Nike to further their consumer relationships.  This new innovation is yet another new way that data is being used within the daily processes of business; proving just how pivotal it can be in the growth, and sustainability of business at even the toughest times.

If the idea is a huge success, we will expect to see Nike leading the way for tomorrow’s retail industry, using the data that consumers provide, to improve customer service, experience and overall brand image; opening up huge opportunities for brands in the future.