Tailored excel training with Microsoft certified professionals

Professional Excel Training2019-09-06T10:58:04+01:00

Is your business being held back by Excel? Enhance your optimisation with Custom Excel training

Excel is an infinite tool that when used to its maximum capacity can make your business more efficient and profitable. Our new approach to Excel training allows us to tailor materials to your specific needs, using your own workbooks to make the training even more relevant to you.

Are you ready to make Excel work harder for you?

1-Day Custom Training

Training for a one off tool or project

  • Remote scoping exercise

  • Custom course content

  • Applicable to day to day work

  • Improves productivity & efficiency

  • On-site training

*indicative pricing
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Team Custom Training

Custom training built on your workbooks

  • On-site scoping exercise

  • Custom course content

  • Organised by department and skill set

  • Applicable to day to day work

  • Improves productivity & efficiency

  • On-site training

*indicative pricing
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Continuous Training

Continuous training with periodic assessments

  • On-site scoping exercise

  • Custom course content

  • Organised by department & skill set

  • Applicable to day to day work

  • Improves productivity & efficiency

  • Regular upskilling for continuous development

  • Designed to be delivered on a continual basis

*indicative pricing
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How it works


Pre Training

For complete confidentiality and security, we’ll exchange NDAs.

You talk to us about the issues, challenges or plans you have for working with Excel at a higher level.

You send us a live document for us to work on ahead of your advanced tailored Excel training



Our certified Excel trainers will develop your training course around your specific project—and wider challenges—on-site or at Bespoke HQ in Manchester.


Post Training

We understand that with any high-level training, questions can sometimes surface days or weeks later.

That’s why your expert trainer will be on call to answer queries and provide support for an entire month following your training.

You’ll get CPD certification alongside an Advanced Excel Training Handbook outlining the specifics of your training for future reference.

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Why Us?

  • CPD certified

  • Training on the workbooks you use everyday

  • Post-training support

  • Training and support from a certified Excel trainer

  • Gain the confidence to use Excel at an advanced level

  • Get precisely what you want from Excel

Satisfaction Guarantee

All too often we see businesses missing out on the potential of Excel, or struggling to make it work for them. But we’re here to help.

We are proud of our reputation for having built some of the world’s most advanced spreadsheets. In the event that the training provided by one of our certified Excel experts does not meet all your expectations, then we will simply complete the training again – at our own expense.

Find out if this is a good fit for you?

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Are you CPD certified?2019-04-03T08:38:39+01:00

Yes, we are CPD certified. These courses will count towards your annual CPD requirements.

Why use Bespoke Excel training?2019-08-14T18:05:22+01:00

Our approach has developed from many years of training people on Excel. But we don’t train everyone in the same way. We don’t just train you on a standard topic, we develop custom training programmes based on the workbooks that you already use.

We tailor our training to the specific needs of business and the different skill sets of the delegates. That way, participants are able to understand what they’re being taught, why it’s important, and how it’s relevant to their everyday work.

Is our information safe and confidential?2019-06-14T11:01:06+01:00

We take safety and confidentiality very seriously. As well as employing the necessary security measures, we can provide further reassurances by completing an NDA if required.

How many delegates can you train per session?2019-09-04T15:03:54+01:00

We deliver training in small groups (1-10) to ensure maximum engagement.

What do I need to bring to the training session?2019-04-03T08:34:04+01:00

All you need to bring along is a working laptop, with Excel 2010 onwards installed.

What are your trainers qualified to teach?2019-08-14T17:44:10+01:00

Our trainers hold accreditations including MS Certified Trainer and Microsoft
Instructors. They are qualified to train in all aspects of MS Excel, Power BI and more.

Where do you hold your training sessions?2019-08-15T10:47:01+01:00

Our training sessions take place at WeWork Office locations across the country. They offer a perfect environment to experience our Bespoke training days. We also offer on-site training.

Do you provide lunch and refreshments?2019-08-15T10:41:41+01:00

Tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided. All our training centres are located in towns and cities and are therefore close to shops/ restaurants for lunch requirements.

Who have you worked with previously?2019-08-15T10:35:41+01:00

We have worked with companies across the country. From small independent companies to large PLC’s. We have on-going relationships with companies such as Savills and Airbus.

Do you offer online training?2019-08-14T17:54:08+01:00

We are primarily focused on face to face training. We have found through our many years of experience that this yields the most impressive results.

Do you offer on site training?2019-08-14T17:54:59+01:00

If you would prefer to have your training onsite, we can send our trainers to your location. We provide training for clients across the globe.

How do you assess a client’s training needs?2019-08-14T17:58:30+01:00

We carry out a scoping exercise to determine the skill level of the delegates and the difference in the day to day use of excel. We then design a custom training programme to accommodate your needs based on the workbooks you already use.

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Are you ready to make Excel work harder for you?

The team at Bespoke Excel were amazing in providing us with a solution for our business that worked locally and across Europe. The result was a format which is still being used today, I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.

Mairi Scholes, Director Marketing Operations

Bespoke are a hardworking team with excellent knowledge of modelling principles and have come up with creative solutions for enhancing our models. Due to their success I have introduced them to other teams within Savills which has led to further work as a result of their professionalism.

Nick Carlisle, Savills Housing Consultancy

The Bespoke team is working to a very high professional standard without compromising its flexibility. They were always able to implement the given ideas but were also able to add valuable information and suggestions. The result was much more advanced than we ever expected it to be.

Manuel Jung, Manufacturing Technology Development