Tailored excel training with Microsoft certified professionals

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Enhance your optimisation with Bespoke Excel training

Improving the skills and knowledge of your users through our bespoke Excel training is a smart way to further enhance operations within your business. We’ll tailor materials to your specific needs, using your own workbooks to make the training even more relevant.


Courses suitable for all versions

Beginner/ Intermediate

  • Basic Excel capabilities
  • Margins and orientation
  • Conditional formatting
  • Creating charts & tables
  • Range names
  • Formatting numbers & dates
  • Data validation
  • Moving and copying formulae


  • Advanced lfs functions
  • Advanced lookup functions
  • Text functions
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Advanced tables & pivot tables
  • Advanced charts
  • Scenario modelling
  • Goal seek
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Accommodating all levels of experience

All levels

  • Recording macros and buttons
  • Selecting cells
  • VB code editor
  • Messages and variables
  • Loops and conditions
  • Looping over collections
  • Event handling
  • Debugging and error handling
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Training designed around your requirements

All levels

  • Free onsite scoping exercise
  • Organised by department and skill set
  • Asses excel requirements across the company
  • Teach relevant materials to relevant audiences
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Designed to fit around budget constraints
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Why Us?

All too often we see businesses missing out on the potential of Excel, or struggling to make it work for them. But we’re here to help.

We provide tailored training to help companies get the most out of Excel every day. We teach relevant material to relevant audiences – ensuring participants fully understand what they’re learning, why it’s important, and how to apply it to their day to day tasks.

May 29, 2018 "Beginner training was unbelievable"
Nov 12, 2018 "Hugely improved my team's knowledge"
Feb 20, 2019 "Provided the advanced skills my team needed"
April 10, 2019 "We should have used this course sooner"

Karen Hogan MLPI Assoc CIPD

TAP accredited trainer
CTP (Certificate in Training Practice) qualification

Karen has over 20 years of Excel training experience and is one of our most accomplished trainers. Having worked across a multitude of industries, Karen has interacted with professionals from a number of diverse backgrounds. This means her friendly and engaging courses prove popular with all delegates.


Where can you provide training?2019-06-14T10:56:05+01:00

We have many training centres around the country. But we can also provide Bespoke Excel training at your business. We’ll map out your training requirements and create a training programme that works for you and your budget.

Are you CPD certified?2019-04-03T08:38:39+01:00

Yes, we are CPD certified. These courses will count towards your annual CPD requirements.

Why use Bespoke Excel training?2019-06-14T10:57:25+01:00

Our approach has developed from many years of training people on Excel. But we don’t train everyone in the same way. We’ve devised a way of making training relevant to users from all parts of the business.

By simply organising people by department and skill set, we can tailor our training to the specific needs of each group. That way, participants are able to understand what they’re being taught, why it’s important, and how it’s relevant to their everyday work.

Is our information safe and confidential?2019-06-14T11:01:06+01:00

We take safety and confidentiality very seriously. As well as employing the necessary security measures, we can provide further reassurances by completing an NDA if required.

How many delegates can you train per session?2019-06-14T11:01:54+01:00

There is a maximum of 6-8 delegates per in-house training session.

What do I need to bring to the training session?2019-04-03T08:34:04+01:00

All you need to bring along is a working laptop, with Excel 2010 onwards installed.

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The team at Bespoke Excel were amazing in providing us with a solution for our business that worked locally and across Europe. The result was a format which is still being used today, I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.

Mairi Scholes, Director Marketing Operations

Bespoke are a hardworking team with excellent knowledge of modelling principles and have come up with creative solutions for enhancing our models. Due to their success I have introduced them to other teams within Savills which has led to further work as a result of their professionalism.

Nick Carlisle, Savills Housing Consultancy

The Bespoke team is working to a very high professional standard without compromising its flexibility. They were always able to implement the given ideas but were also able to add valuable information and suggestions. The result was much more advanced than we ever expected it to be.

Manuel Jung, Manufacturing Technology Development