As part of our efforts to campaign for a better mental health for all, a portion of our team (Operations Director, Jordan Brookes and Operations Manager, Daniel Sanchez) are taking part in a 10k Run to raise awareness for mental health problems alongside our chosen charity; Mind, who aim to provide quality support and respect to those suffering from a mental health problem.

The team saw it fit to support a charity that is close or meaningful to all of us, which lead us to supporting Mind, down to mental health being something that can have an effect on anyone regardless of age, gender or any other factor. This is why we are passionate about supporting Mind.

This is the first of many events that we are set to take part in in the near future, with our focus towards making a true impact in the community now getting well under way.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways which we can make a positive impact on the community, whether it be mental health, education or equality in the workplace, so expect to see more events like this popping up on our social calendar this year.

If you would like to make a donation towards a passionate charity, then follow the link to our Just Giving page.