Data security is an absolute priority at Bespoke Excel – we take every step necessary to secure and encrypt your data, and always put confidentiality first. With growing possibilities for data breaches as technology advances, ensuring your data is well protected is vital when looking for premium productivity.

Whether your data is commercially sensitive or you have strict compliance policies in place, we are completely committed to keeping your data secure and working in a way that fits with your unique security requirements. We have well-tested and established systems in place to ensure that you have total peace of mind at all stages of a project.

If necessary, we can be setup as a temporary employee in your organisation so that you retain full control and visibility of our access permissions and communication channels.

All documents are backed up and stored on a third-party document management system, encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure that your data has the only the best protection.


As well as keeping your data secure, we understand the importance of confidentiality around the overall project. We are happy to provide a non-disclosure agreement before any work is discussed in detail.

Internal servers

All documents are backed up and stored on a third-party document management system, encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure that your xml formatted data is safe against malicious users.

Out of the 9 million data breaches since 2013, only 4% have been ‘secure breaches’ (where encryption was used for protection); proving that focusing on encryption will make a true impact on data security.

Removal from system

If you choose not to proceed with a project, we will happily remove all documents and workbooks shared during the consultation process, and provide written confirmation of this if required. This adds the extra verification that your data is at minimal risk at all stages, even after our involvement has ended.

Your Details are Safe With us

We want to assure you that all of your personal, and business information is safe with us, and it will never go beyond our team.


General Data Protection Regulations affect the way any business handling big data works. Ensuring that we take into account any workbook aspects that could break any regulations is essential; ensuring that only pristine professional compliance standards are met.

In the modern day, data security is becoming vital for both businesses and consumers, so ensuring only premium standards of data security is a primary factor for quality results.

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