Data Capture and Amalgamation Survey

The Problem

Watts Group provide Quantity Surveying services to the property and construction industry. They came to us looking for the best way to capture data from over 300 building surveys and integrate this into a centralised data management system. Different types of buildings come with different survey data - Watts needed a solution that could cope with this, and would allow them to accurately track the data capture and manipulate the format so it would be readable by the client’s database.

The Solution

We worked with the client to create a survey format that accounted for all possible variations. We built an Excel survey template that was easy to use, incorporating validation to prevent user error. Once the surveys had been successfully completed, we then generated a tool to automatically manipulate the 300 surveys into a readable format for upload to the required system.

The Results

As a result of this project, Watts have benefitted from significant improvement in data capture accuracy, and their surveyors, who are not used to using Excel, now have simple, easy-to-use forms. In addition, by integrating the survey data with the client’s central system, we ultimately saved many days of manual time and effort.

Happy Client

"The team at Bespoke Excel are extremely helpful often going above and beyond to meet extremely tight deadlines. I would certainly recommend Bespoke Excel to anyone needing expert professional assistance using Excel."