The Problem

Portfolio analysis is a crucial part of what property management and investment companies do. Savills were running a portfolio analysis model which ran very slowly, impacting business efficiency, and the files it generated were too large to send over email. In addition, the visual styling of the existing system didn’t reflect the prestige of the Savills brand.

The Solution

After a full assessment of Savills’ requirements and the needs of the people using the portfolio analysis system, we rebuilt the entire model from the ground up. A series of data compression techniques were used, formulas were optimised, and other unnecessary drains on memory were removed - leaving the client with a lightweight solution that didn’t compromise on functionality.

The Results

The project had a clear positive impact on the business, with four key outcomes:

  • The entire model can now be sent via email
  • The model calculates 10x faster than before
  • Additional flexibility and reports were enabled
  • The interface is smart and professional, in line with the rest of the business

Happy Client

"Bespoke are a hardworking team with excellent knowledge of modelling principles and have come up with creative solutions for enhancing our models. Due to their success I have introduced them to other teams within Savills which has led to further work as a result of their professionalism."