Sales Prospecting Tool


The Problem

Egencia help companies around the world manage their travel programmes - they came to us looking to improve their new business processes. The sales team at Egencia needed a better way of finding the right clients to target, prioritising leads, and managing the sales pipeline.

The Solution

We created an Excel-based questionnaire for the Egencia sales team to use when automation prospects and matching them to the services they offer, and built an algorithm that scored prospective clients and made it easy to identify which ones were viable sales targets.

The Results

Our solution enabled a more targeted sales strategy across the entire team, and ultimately led to greater success rates in converting prospects into clients.

Happy Client

"Bespoke Excel's approach to understanding the requirements, conducting the work, and following up to ensure everything was working correctly was faultless. I would recommending using their services to anyone looking to leverage their specialise knowledge and experience"