The Challenge

APS Events & Media came to us knowing that more could be done to improve their data management and budget optimisation. Although their old tool did the job, it lacked in speed and aesthetic optimisation; aspects which APS were, and still are passionate about. With the large weight on the shoulders of their tool, it was vital that we improved their system to obtain premium efficiency and an extended brand image through a system which can be used in meetings and presentations.

The Solution

We tackled this project by completely reworking their old tool; adding new additions and aesthetics to gain optimised functionality without compromising on brand image. Constantly working with APS has allowed us to persistently improve their tool through our support option, allowing them to freely add new aspects as seen fit by their experts and ours.

Although constant updates and adaptations still take place down to our support options, their tool does not gain weight or lose speed; through using pioneering methods to maintain a streamlined system that does not slow them down.

The Results

Since the initial implementation, there has been an array of constantly growing results including;
1) Maintained brand image with clients through optimised aesthetics and data security optimisation
2) Size optimisation allows tasks to run simultaneously without any problems with speed or accuracy.
3) A new diverse tool allows users to optimise their time management down to manual tasks and error-handling time being slashed through automation.