The business world is no stranger to artificial intelligence and the potential it holds for the progression of data influenced business.

AI is undoubtably becoming the main focus for companies looking to exploit the potential of data and the expertise of the growing number of AI scientists looking to master the software for a sustainable progression.

With the shift towards artificial intelligence being dubbed to be bigger than the industrial revolution, the race has begun to pioneer the future of AI.

Although the future of technology, data itself with the potential impact of AI being global; it has been stated in an open letter from the European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) that Europe is in fact behind in the journey to implement AI, with the U.S & China leading the way.

The ELLIS state in their open letter that a vast amount of European AI talent is being pushed towards to North America & China to pursue their profession, down to the massively greater opportunities that these countries offer. Although this is something that is bound to benefit the world as a whole, with any progression being beneficial to all; it is still important for Europe to have a solid base for progression and a pipeline of passionate professionals within it’s AI ranks to allow the EU to pioneer their own projects and make their own impact with artificial intelligence.

This leads ELLIS to campaign for the opening of a new European AI Hub to compete with the Likes of the U.S & China. AI experts and scientists from the best universities in Europe such as Oxford, Cambridge and The London School of Economics (LSE) are being poached by more influential businesses, which will seriously hinder the European progression with AI in the long run.

“Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now” was the main focus of the open letter plead for a push with AI, but will Europe be able to keep up with the powerhouses of Artificial Intelligence as the race continues.