About Us

With our keen eye for business, we saw Excel having a negative impact on businesses too often; with our goal to maximise accuracy and business efficiency, this was something we needed to act upon. Tackling this challenge, we grew our strong love for making both local and global businesses more joyful and stress-free for all.

Our venture into the world of Excel Consultancy sparked through both the need to solve a recurring problem, and through our genuine obsession with quality developing, which has led to some of the most pioneering custom Excel projects to date for clients of all shapes and sizes. Our team of MCSE & MCSA certified Excel consultants have had the pleasure to liaise with some industry leading clients from all sectors; giving our team the opportunity to continuously expand their experience and knowledge, to consistently produce pioneering results.

When doing our early research, we saw that a lot of companies offer generic, outdated templates; leaving users with just as long-winded processes as before and no knowledge of how to work their expensive ‘tool’. This encouraged us to go beyond the norms and create new spreadsheet standards that do what they should and more.

The approach we take to tackling projects is what separates us from generic Excel consultants, as we do not set out to maximise turnaround time. Our process is set to suit your needs, by discussing a unique approach and execution, we are able to set solid foundations for a brand specific Excel investment.

Our diverse array of skills and expertise gathered from multiple countries has allowed us to spread our wings to a growing number of tailored Excel services; all of which are used daily by industry leaders who can now go beyond previous limits with great ease.

The wide variety of knowledge and skills we have developed over the years, have allowed us to not just focus on the most common services such as automation and financial modelling. It has allowed us to go beyond the current measures of ‘Excel experts’, by offering services to more unique woes, such as tailored Excel training for all skill levels and emergency support.

Throughout our years of dedication to optimising business processes, our team of Excel consultants and project managers have been lucky enough to gain valuable knowledge from numerous industries, giving us the experience we need to tackle any task thrown our way, all while maintaining the highest quality of work and providing a truly pioneering approach.

Head office: Manchester

  • Our Vision

    We aspire to be the international industry leader in Excel Consultancy; helping all businesses to establish foundations for pioneering data management.

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe in providing all of our clients with exceptional levels of service, working collaboratively to ensure the best possible solution is provided.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is simple - we exist to make business more efficient and accurate for all.