We love making businesses more efficient.

Excel is one of the most widely used tools in organisations all over the world, but it’s rarely used in the most efficient way. We saw businesses wasting hundreds of hours a month, over and over again, with talented, passionate people often distracted from doing what they’re really there to do. So, in 2012, we created a company built to help people unlock the full power of Excel, to streamline their processes, optimise their workbooks, or simply hand tasks over to a specialist.

Our aspiration is to one day be the leading international Excel support and consultancy firm, continuing to work closely with global clients big and small to streamline, automate and evolve their businesses.

Head office: Manchester

  • Our Vision

    We aspire to be the international industry leader in Excel data analysis, financial modelling, reporting and automation.

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe in providing all of our clients with exceptional levels of service, working collaboratively to ensure the best possible solution is provided.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is simple - we exist to make businesses more efficient.