Excel isn’t just for numbers, data and formulas. Surprisingly the data analysing, number crunching software can be used to create, and play unbelievably cool games! From Angry Birds to Snake, there have been multiple recreations of existing games, and new ones.


We’ve picked 10 great games that all are playable within Microsoft Excel.


  1. Tetris

Originally developed in Russia in 1984, this classic arcade game has been played by many during the years and has now been recreated to run in Microsoft Excel.

Tetris - Excel playable games


  1. 2048

You may have played the addicting 2048 before, but now the game is playable in Excel. In 2048, two tiles of the same number can be merged to create one square of the two original numbers combined. The end goal is to end up with one square with a total of 2048.

2048 Excel playable game

  1. Bowling

A must have for any bowling lovers, with 3D graphics. Aim the ball with the mouse to hit the pins.

Bowling made playable in excel


  1. Arena.Xlsm

This full length, role-playing game features more than 2000 enemies, 1000 item combinations, four different endings to the storyline and 31 spells.

Arena.Xlsm playable in excel

  1. Angry Birds

The highly successful smart phone game has been created in an amazing flash version of the game which is playable in Excel.

Angry Birds playable in excel

  1. Snake

The Nokia classic Snake has been recreated in Excel using macros. Definitely a game that everyone will love.Snake playable in Excel

  1. 3D Maze

Using the arrow buttons in the spreadsheet, you can easily move around the maze. Below the arrows, a map can also help you navigate the maze.

3D Maze Playable in Excel

  1. Candy Number Crunch Saga

The game is a take on the infamous Candy Crush Saga by King.com. This creative game has more than 35 news events that can realistically affect stock price and includes a real-time stock ticker.

Candy Crush made playable in Excel

  1. Monopoly

The recreation of the board game allows up to 4 human or computer players to play against each other.

Monopoly made playable in Excel

  1. Pacman

The ultimate arcade game! Pacman has been built to run in Microsoft Excel. Chase

Pacman made plyable in Excel

Have another great game in mind? Share it in the comments.

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