Our Process

No two projects are ever the same in Excel, but this page should give you a good overview of our approach and how we converge with clients looking to innovate, to get the most out of what is traditionally a risk filled programme.

Collaboration is something we really believe in at Bespoke - after all, we provide bespoke solutions, not one-size-fits all advice, so getting to know you is vital. We may be the Excel experts, but you’re the expert in your industry, and you know your organisation better than anyone.

The key to a successful project is a solid understanding of the requirements, challenges and difficulties you’re dealing with in your workbook. Whilst we’ll be driving the project from a technical point of view, some fact-finding and discussion really helps us provide the most effective solution. Ultimately, we’re here to save you time.

1. Enquiry

The foundation for a successful project is the initial consultation - this gives us the opportunity to understand your requirements and the bigger business picture.

2. Consultation

After an initial discussion, we’ll send over project specification to clarify what we believe you’re trying to achieve. Anything can be revised as needed at this point.

3. Quotation

Once the specification is agreed, we’ll provide a quotation and project timescales. There is no obligation to continue at this point.

4. Solution

We don’t want to keep you waiting for the “big reveal” - it’s important that everyone is happy the right solution is on its way. We’ll begin sending you interim deliverables to review early on, to ensure all expectations are aligned and clarify finer details where needed.

5. Delivery

The final step is delivery of the completed project. In most cases, everything works perfectly first time, but we’re happy to fix any bugs or minor issues at no extra cost.