Sole Traders

Sole traders come in all shapes and sizes. At Bespoke we pride ourselves on spending time to understand your business to allow the best solutions to be created.

No Sole Trader is the same, making each job specific to the client. At Bespoke, we have gained vast experience through associating with multiple Sole Traders over time; allowing us to gain key knowledge and skills that translate to meaningful results for small businesses using spreadsheets in their day to day operations.

We pride ourselves on creating work tailored to each specific client and their end goals. This is down to us understanding each individual Sole Traders’ business as a whole, along with the job specific requirements, as a knowledge of the bigger picture allows us to suggest and create pragmatic solutions.

Our Process

  • 1 Enquiry

  • 2 Consultation

  • 3 Quotation

  • 4 Solution

  • 5 Delivery

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