Real Estate

Portfolio analysis tools and valuation trackers are just a few examples of how we have helped clients working within the real estate industry.

Real Estate companies regularly have the requirement of analysing large databases to help estimate property valuations and forecast projected profits from developments. Clients in the past have had problems with such portfolio analysis models running extremely slowly due to the sheer size of the data being evaluated. Not only is this a problem in terms of efficiency, but it also causes problems when making the files accessible to others in their business.

Some companies simply suffer from outdated workbooks, which limit the company in terms of the extent they can go to on jobs. In the past, with clients such as Savills, we have tailored the work to create lightweight models from the ground up to help improve accuracy and efficiency. Creating a new model allowed Savills to take full advantage of what Excel has to offer. Using several data compression techniques, we minimized the size of the workbook, cutting out any unnecessary aspects and therefore significantly improving performance.

Creating lightweight workbooks can give our clients what they need to go further with their work, with efficiency and accessibility no longer being a problem.

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