Do you need excel experts and specialist consultants?

Here at Bespoke Excel we will create or adapt any custom excel spreadsheet you require.  This can be as simple as a custom self calculating invoice or a multiple page dashboard which utilises macros and VBA.  No job is too big or small, get started today.

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Make Excel Work for your Business

Excel Consultancy and Specialist Advice


Have you got raw data that is completely unusable?  Request a custom dashboard to be created that will analyse and interpret all the data automatically and have it presented in a fully customisable dashboard.


Do you have detailed spreadsheets that are difficult and time consuming to manage? Automating operations by adding specific formulae help save time and improve efficiency.

Financial Modelling

Accurate accounting, budgeting and sales forecasting are crucial to a firm. We can create automated workbooks that process your data to create top level reports in a clear and precise manner.

Custom Software

Operational efficiency is critical for firms looking to streamline costs and improve their bottom line. We can help reduce time spent data inputting by creating custom software that fits your business model

Why Bespoke-Excel?

Creative Ideas

Our Excel consultants will not just provide you with the very best knowledge and execution, they will also use their initiative and suggest ideas to fulfill your eventual goal to the best of Excel capabilities.

Urgent Deadlines Met

We have withheld capacity from our team of Excel consultants to deal with any urgent project that may arise.  Any deadline can be met.

Save Your Time

Save your own precious time or the time of your employees by outsourcing your excel headaches and marvel at what is capable of this unique piece of software.

Professional Consultancy

Our Excel consultants have spent years refining and perfecting the use of excel.  Why not take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available.

Why use Excel?

There are a vast number of reasons to use Excel, here are just a few:

  • Cost Effective Alternative
  • Bridging Capabilities Between Programs
  • Automated Software
  • Custom Designs
  • Intelligent and Customizable Software
  • Various Exporting Formats


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