Accurate and Efficient methods to Manipulate you Data

The aim of our service is it maximise the value that your data holds. We use a range of analytical techniques to help optimise your internal processes, improve productivity and provide you with accurate outputs you can rely on

Data Analysis

We analyse your data to provide accurate and useful outputs to help your business, enhancing understanding of internal operations and therefore gaining a competitive edge

Financial Modelling

At Bespoke Excel we regularly produce fully automated, integrated financial statements that help our clients with forecasting, budgeting and general accountancy practices

Operational Efficiency

Invoice templates, reporting automation and timesheet are just a few examples of tools we have custom built for our client’s needs to help streamline their internal operations

Excel Consulting

Microsoft Excel consulting services, such as spreadsheet amendment and creation, is a service we offer that encompasses all our in-house expertise within Excel

How much will my project cost?
Before a quote can be given we’ll need to learn about your project and what problem you are looking to overcome.  The following items can affect the overall cost:
  • Total time taken to complete
  • Whether the job is urgent or not
  • Whether Bespoke will need to work outside of normal business hours to complete the task
How long will it take to complete the project?
The detail of the job description provided when requesting a quote will enhance the ability to provide an accurate job estimation period. We are able to complete complicated Excel work whilst adhering to strict deadlines.  When requesting information from yourselves we always ask whether or not the project is urgent.  Urgent items can be completed however there will be a marginal increase in price depending on the capacity of our consultants as we may have to postpone another project in order to complete yours.
Do you offer on site support?
Larger service contracts can be discussed in more detail if the size of the project requires more intimate support. However, Bespoke Excel has invested in custom built industry leading hardware in order to maximise efficiency and optimise processing speeds.  Please contact us for more information.
Is our information safe and confidential?
Bespoke deals with all information with the utmost respect for its confidentiality.  If further reassurances are necessary we can complete an NDA if required.
When can we expect to hear back regarding our project?
Bespoke endeavor to respond to all inquires within 2 business hours, however more complex quotation may take up to two business days.  You will be contacted by a representative prior to this acknowledge receipt of your contact.  If your project is urgent please notify us at the first instance so we can prioritise our workload.

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Other Services


Improve operational efficiency by automating aspects of your administrative tasks

Data Visualisation

Bring your data to life through unique and attention grabbing dashboards and charts


Let us know your reporting criteria and we can automate the outputs from your raw data files


Gain a dynamic understanding of your finances and manage the impact of variables


Let us take a look at your current processes and see if we can save you time and money

KPI Tracking

Keep track of your business critical targets and effectively analyse your performance


Saving time with repetitive processes can free up your employee’s time and save you money

Data Analysis

Understand your data and the value it holds to impact your outlook on business

Project Managment

Allow us to create system management tools to enhance your day to day project tracking